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"I'm, stunned, to tell you the truth. This is what Asia really needs. I'm so glad that AIA's being such a powerful instigator. It just strikes me that there's a dimension of creativity that I have never seen before."
-John Seely Brown, Advisor/Influencer on Global Innovation


The AIA Accelerator, is a programme designed to bring high potential start-ups and one of the world’s largest insurer together. Launched in 2014, the Asia’s first insurance industry has now become an on-going event. With the 3rd batch concluded in June 2016,the programme has received applications from around the world and incubated more than 25 startups across cities to accelerate their health tech and wearable businesses. Start-ups have received:

AIA ACCELERATOR 4.0 An innovation partnership with KPMG Digital Village

Building on the success of the programme powered by nest with a focus on early start-ups, AIA Accelerator has set off to pioneer the next-generation corporate innovation. From open innovation to rapid adoption and integration, AIA Accelerator 4.0, an innovation partnership with KPMG Digital Village, is looking for innovative and disruptive start-ups that can swiftly address AIA’s opportunities and challenges with new ideas and solutions. If you’re keen and feel you’re right for this challenge, click here to tell us more about you:

Customer Engagement Solutions

  • Robo advisory

  • 360 degree customer profile

  • Information management and exchange

  • Real-time simulations

  • Sales opportunity Alerts

  • Gamification

Sales Conversion Solutions

  • Information Capture & Flow (Banker-End)

  • Information Capture & Lead Qualification (Agent-End)

  • Product Recommendation Engine

  • Gamification

Wellness Solutions

  • Connected Wellness

  • Food Tech (Health / Diet)

  • Building Health Conscious Community

  • Tracking Customer Needs & Affinity

  • Digital Marketing Innovation

  • Gamification & Loyalty Innovation

Up to 6 start-ups will be shortlisted.


  • Market Exposure
    Gain entry into the lucrative Asia-Pacific market, leveraging on AIA's long-standing and established presence and active network in this region.

  • Guided Support
    Receive mentorship and guidance from key business owners in AIA and KPMG Digital Village to further develop your value proposition into a solution that drives tangible and strategic outcomes for AIA. This program will help overcome he bureaucratic hurdles of working with a large corporate and provide a front-door access to your potential customers within our business.

  • Networking Opportunities
    Expand your network and engage with stakeholders in Singapore and Hong Kong's budding start-up ecosystem, such as fellow entrepreneurs, investors, corporate and key players from the insurance industry.


We need your commitment for the full 8-week programme to produce a viable prototype and you will have 2 opportunities to present it.

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If and when travel is needed, we will assess this on a case-by-case basis and work with you on a suitable arrangement depending on the complexity of your solution and the level of interaction you will need with key stakeholders in the markets. Once you have been shortlisted, we will discuss the details with you.

As for the demo days, we will be coordinating with you for your travel arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I participate?

We want to become your valued customer. The AIA Accelerator 4.0, an innovation partnership with KPMG Digital Village, is a next-generation accelerator focusing on rapid adoption and integration of solutions. We are looking for innovative and disruptive start-ups that can swiftly address AIA’s opportunities and challenges with new ideas and solutions.

Through this program, you will not only be able to collaborate with an established multinational organization, but also position your start-up as one that is ready for commercial engagement. As a shortlisted start-up, you will have the opportunity to develop a prototype that can be adopted and integrated by AIA.

Up to 6 start-ups will be shortlisted.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for start-ups that:

Empower insurance specialists to enhance customer engagement, deliver great customer experience and improve sales.

Proposed solution themes that could address the customer experience problem statement:
  • Robo - Advisory

    Analytics and AI-powered servicing and product recommendations

  • 360 -degree Customer Profile

    Capturing and analyzing data from various sources to get an in-depth understanding of each customer

  • Information Management & Exchange

    Storing and sharing product information and customer records more efficiently

  • Real-Time Simulations

    Interactive and engaging product demonstrations

  • Sales Opportunity Alerts

    Automatically and pro-actively identifying milestones in customers lives to build engagement

  • Gamification

    Driving salesforce effectiveness through alternative incentives

Improve the quality of leads and information flow from bancassurance partners to insurance specialists, and tools that identify and convert upselling/cross-selling opportunities. Ideally, solutions should feature a product recommendation engine as well. A gamification component to incentivize lead qualification is also welcomed.

Proposed solution themes that could address the conversion-related problem statement:
  • Information Capture & Flow (Banker - End)

    Quick and painless but effective ways for bank partners to qualify leads and route information to insurance specialists

  • Information Capture and Lead Qualifications (Agent - End)

    Efficient, rule based lead qualification through automated reference checks

  • Product Recommendation Engine

    Automated and more seamless cross/up-selling mechanisms

  • Gamification

    Incentivizing bank partners to refer good leads

Improve wellness programme engagement with the health conscious community.

Proposed solution themes that could address the customer engagement/reward for health conscious user problem statement:
  • Connected Wellness

    Track and provide insights on user's health and wellness (emotional status, stress level, pollutions level...)

  • Food Tech

    Enhance user's diet tracking and access to healthy food (including when eating out)

  • Community building

    Facilitate health conscious users to share and promote healthy practices within the community

  • Customer Needs and Affinity

    Using social/digital data to better understand health conscious customers needs and affinity

  • Loyalty/Digital Market Program

    Tracking rewards and loyalty scheme effectiveness

  • Gamification

    Driving engagement through fun and instantaneous incentives

If you feel your solution could satisfy one or multiple of these problems, we’d love to learn more about you!

Tell me more about AIA.

As the second largest insurer in the Asia Pacific market, working with AIA would provide you with an unparalleled opportunity for market entry and growth. AIA is 100% focused on the lucrative Asia-Pacific market, with a strong presence in 18 markets in this region. It serves the policy holders of more than 29 million individual policies and over 16 million members of group insurance schemes.As a selected start-up, you will have the unique opportunity to launch your solution in the growing Asia-Pacific market and gain access to AIA’s active customer base.

Learn more about AIA here:

What is the programme schedule like?

Once we have shortlisted you to participate in our programme, you will be on-boarded for 8 weeks. During this time, you will prototype solutions that address AIA’s problem statements. The 8 week programme will culminate in a Demo Day where you will pitch your solutions to senior decision-makers in AIA and an external Showcase Day with extended networks.

Throughout 8 weeks, you will be working closely with KPMG Digital Village and AIA business unit owners to ensure your solution and value proposition are aligned to market needs and are grounded in a strong understanding of AIA’s business context.Your dedicated support system from KPMG Digital Village and AIA will guide you in a number of areas, such as translating your solution into the context of a large corporate and large insurer, helping you build a business case and business model, and supporting the backend integration of your prototype for testing purposes.

What time and commitment level is required for the duration of the programme?

We understand that running a start-up is a 24x7 job and we recognize that you will have daily operating commitments. However, we expect you to be committed to our programme for the full 8 weeks and be able to put in the time required to achieve a viable prototype.You will not be alone in this endeavour - KPMG Digital Village and AIA members are committed to helping you demonstrate the value of your solution.

On Demo Day, who will I be presenting to from AIA and AIA’s network?

Through this programme, you will have two opportunities to present your prototypes.

On our Demo Day, you will be presenting your solution to the senior-most decision makers within AIA’s business units. As we learn more about your solutions and the particular needs they address, we will ensure that you have access to relevant stake holders within these business units so as to facilitate adoption.

Then, on our external Showcase Day, you will be presenting your prototypes to AIA’s senior leadership, influential external investors and VCs, and key industry players. This will be your opportunity to network and build more traction.

If I have already raised seed money and/or participated in another Accelerator programme, am I still eligible?

Yes, the programme is open to all start-ups, regardless of past activities.

If I am selected to participate in this programme, will my prototype remain as the intellectual property of my start-up after Demo Day?

Yes, the solution prototype you create remains yours. Participating in this programme does not mean you are legally bound to AIA in any way. The purpose of this programme is to give you the opportunity to build a solution that is relevant to the insurance industry and provide you with the support to scale your solution.


Where will I be based during the course of the programme?

If and when travel is needed, we will assess this on a case-by-case basis and work with you on a suitable arrangement depending on the complexity of your solution and the level of interaction you will need with key stake holders in this market. Once you have been shortlisted, we will discuss the details with you.

As for the Demo Day and Showcase Day, we will be coordinating with you for your travel arrangements.

What type of administrative and financial support will I receive during the course of the programme?

Once you are shortlisted, we will work with you to discuss the requirements for your unique solution and agree on the best arrangement.


Will the winning start-up be awarded with any funding?

This programme is a fantastic opportunity for you to understand the insurance industry through the eyes of a large market player and is an opportunity for you to develop fruitful partnership with AIA and the greater ecosystem. When you present your solution on our Showcase Day, you will be ableto explore funding opportunities with VCs and investors within our network.

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